There has been a recent increase in business profit thanks to email marketing. It is the greatest form of advertisement for both small scale and large scale businesses. There are many marketers in this field. For this reason, one has to find the right services among the list of mailing managers below.


It is easy to use and of high reliability. It helps an individual to send newsletters to their list. It helps in the setting up of autoresponders. It provides more than 100 predesigned templates. After opening a message, one will be able to know the person that opened it and the one that clicked on the link. It also shows the revenue that the message generates. It also helps control subscriptions to messages.


MailChimp offers features for building, segmenting and sending campaigns to your list. It also offers analytics to track your campaigns. Its users enjoy well-designed email templates. They offer support by email and online chat.

Campaign Monitor

It enables you to manage all your clients from one account. It can be re-branded with your logo to match your brand. You have control over the prices that you charge clients to access the service. The difference between the price you charge and pricing Campaign Monitor pricing is your profit. It has a template builder that enables you to create email templates without the coding.

These managers’ output is all that matters. The terms of their services may differ, but they all have one goal; business promotion. Whether you are looking for new customers or you want to keep your customers, look no further.