Many organizations opt to outsource mail management services. Shopping for the perfect mailing list manager is a task that needs keenness. The right manager gives a user a good mailing reputation. Many list owners want to have proper control over their subscribers. The users also want easy monitoring and posting to lists. A popular choice for most mail users is the Listserv software. The following article highlights some core features of the software.


The Listserv software has been in existence for an extended period. One should be sure of the quality of service due to the long years of experience. A good mail list manager should also perform well in high traffic situations. A useful feature is the software’s Deliverability Assessment that checks server configurations. One can be sure of filtering of phishing messages. The software is also compatible with most operating systems.

Maintenance Requirements

Many individuals face the challenge of maintenance after the installation of mail manager. The Listserv software requires minimal maintenance. The list owner thus saves maintenance costs and time. One should do some post-installation configurations to avoid performance problems. Also, an individual should make a point to get a maintenance contract. The contract is inclusive of anti-virus for the software.

Editorial Tools

Good software should offer both subscribers and list owners customized tools. The list owners have many templates that they can use to customize their menus. There is little coding which makes editing a walk in the park. Subscribers can schedule posting time for their posts. The subscriber can also determine the final destination of a mail from a website. The software also stores configuration parameters. The parameters are editable to suit various editorial tools.

An individual should consider all the factors above when selecting a mail manager. The personal needs of an individual should also be in line with the abilities of the system. The quality of the service should equal price for which one pays.