The Listserv software has brought technological revolution in easing the organization of emails. It provides email hosting services to help users manage their emails, handle group email messages and newsletters from various subscriptions. These services are not the only advantages that come with the software. Below are a few more reasons why you need to get it today.

Customizable Features

Listserv comes with very many features to cover all your email organizational needs. In addition to that, they can also be further customized to suit your personal needs. Among these features include customizable group email domains, custom footers, and search options.


With its state of the art features, you can be sure that the services offered are reliable and efficient. Whether you want to manage your email lists from subscriptions or emails you send to your subscribers, Listserv will handle it all.


Cost effectiveness is a key factor to consider when acquiring any product. With affordable rates that are as low as $10 a year, for a group of 25 members, this service is pocket-friendly. There are no hidden charges or setup costs.


Your security and privacy are highly valuable when handling emails from group members. Listserv comes with in-built virus protection services to ensure your emails are safe and secure. It also protects you from spamming emails.


For ease of use, software products need to be simple and user-friendly. The developers of Listserv had this in mind when they designed it for you. Creating email groups, adding members and all the other services only take a few clicks.

If you seek better organization and handling of your emails, then the Listserv software is the right platform for you. With its reliable, state of the art features, Listserv is the new face of group email hosting services.