Benefits of Bar Code Technology in Health Care Automation

It is said that the usage Automation has been lower in the healthcare sector than in any other sector. Nevertheless the advantages of health care automation are being recognized more and more. It is been seen that health maintenance organizations and providers making their systems completely automatic, are demonstrating appreciable progress in the quality of care provided, improvement in the degree of patient satisfaction and gain in the ability to manage emergencies.A System adds to the quality of service in any business. The health maintenance market is no exception to the rule. Given the complexities involved in patient care and safety, there is simply no doubt that health care automation will make the whole system more efficient, quick and cost-effective, thereby providing a boost to the quality of care provided.


If all the crucial information regarding patients, their medical history and their continuing remedies is stored on an automated system, it saves a lot of time for both the health maintenance providers and the patients, thereby lowering the use of a lot of resources.Though the health care industry has been using electronic health records for decades, they also have started recognizing the benefits of automation via bar code technology. The practice of patient identification that is automatic reduces the usage of resources, providing a boost and thereby decreasing costs.Let us discuss the various aspects which were seen to improve with the use of bar code technology in the health maintenance industry:

  • Admission of Patients: The enrollment and admission procedure for patients can be made automatic by using bar code on patient wristbands, documents and medical forms which then makes the whole process of admitting patients faster and more convenient.
  • Care and Safety of Patients: The bar code of a patient could be directly connected to their own medical history and other health information which helps tremendously in determining the accurate medications and therapy procedures for them. It is an effective means to ensure health care and total security.
  • Hospital Pharmacy: Bar code information about prescriptions and drug labels enables a proper use of medication and dosages.
  • Laboratory Goal: Labels on the test tubes, Petri dishes and slides provided with individual bar code info, leads to a more accurate selection of specimen and information.
  • Patient Billing: Bar code automation contributes to a more proper billing and medical charges from using bar code on individual statements and medical supplies.

Health care Automation is a fantastic way to make the system definitely cost-effective organized, prompt and more efficient. Information technology is helping the health maintenance industry in many different ways like electronic medical records, computerized billing, automatic patient identification and a lot more.

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