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Everything you require to know about Musang king durian

Musang King is known for its rich, thick, dazzling yellow tissue and intenseflavor, with a touch of bitterness.The husk is dim green and has an unmistakable star shape at the bottom.The thistles are pyramidal and not thickly pressed.

What is Musang king durian?

mao shan wang durian (Musang King durian) is a medium-to-enormous natural product, averaging 2 to 4 kilograms. Mostly, it has an oval to somewhat disproportionate shape with a long stem. The surface is shrouded in enormous, pyramidal spikes that are wide and dispersed, and the spikes range in variegated tints of yellow, brown, tan, and green. Noticeable, vertical creases interfacing a level crown encompassing the stem to a particular five-point, an earthy-colored star on the lower part of the organic product.

The spikes typically point away from the creases, and the star, creases, and precise spikes are recognized elements of the assortment as Musang King is frequently forged. Deep down, the husk can be sliced and torn open to uncover a white, springy inside, encasing different thick tissue projections in chambers. Each radiant yellow flap has a crumpled appearance with a semi-firm skin, containing a delicate, rich, thick, and smooth, glue-like consistency.

The taste and fragrance

There are also thin and level red-earthy colored seeds inside the tissue. Musang King durians have a sulphuric-pleasing fragrance, considered less impactful than other durian assortments, and a rich, sweet flavor with traces of ginger, tropical organic products, and garlic.

Musang King durians are accessible during the southwest rainstorm season in Malaysia, with a peak harvest from June through August. It is critical to note that the accessibility and season will change yearly depending on the weather.

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