Give a Dog CBD Oil

How Much Should CBD Oil You Administer Your Dogs To?

So, you have an older dog, and it is struggling with pain. You have been studying CBD oil for dogs, so now you are wondering if this is the right decision. It’s natural to be concerned about your pet’s health, especially when they are old and arthritic.

The good news is that there are many options available to help a dog manage pain, including CBD oil for dogs. CBD has been shown in studies to reduce joint inflammation and arthritis symptoms – just like it does with us!

So what exactly do these studies say? How much CBD should you give your dog? And how can you make sure that using CBD will not harm them or affect their current medications?

Give Your DogsCBD

This article will discuss some of the findings regarding CBD oil for dogs.

So first, how much CBD should you give to your dog?

Studies have found that dogs need somewhere between 0.5mg and 5 mg per pound of bodyweight for CBD, but ideally, it is best to start with a lower dose before doing this. There are various ways to administer CBD, such as adding it to food or giving your dog a treat every day. When deciding on administration methods, consider your pet’s weight and how comfortable they may be taking pills – especially if there are other medications involved! Vets suggest adding it into their food because since dogs eat only small amounts, they don’t feel overwhelmed by ingesting a large amount of CBD. It is also much more accessible than giving a dog a pill, especially an older dog with digestion problems.

CBD has been studied for a variety of conditions in dogs, including:

Anxiety – CBD has been shown to reduce stress and treat some disorders such as PTSD due to 9/11 or other trauma. Cancer – Multiple studies have also shown that CBD can help slow down tumor growth by inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and metastasis. This means that over time tumors will shrink and die from lack of nutrients from nearby tissue from which they draw sustenance, ultimately reducing pain. Other studies have found that CBD may even protect healthy cells against damage caused by chemotherapy agents. If your pet is going through chemo treatment, CBD may be a great way to help them deal with the stress of treatment. Diabetic seizures – Studies have found that the best cbd oil for dogs can prevent diabetic outbreaks, which is another huge plus!

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