Open source mailing software is email software that is available for public use. It is licensed software with a code. The code gives the copyright holder’s permission for use by anyone. The software’s code allows clients to use and manipulate it to suit their needs. A user can copy, change or improve the software. It is the mailing software used to read, write and send mail online. It is different from a closed source or propriety software. Those who create closed source software control its use. Often, the license requires a user to disclose the software’s source code. Users pay money for accessing and using the software. Also, they may pay to upgrade it.

Speed and Usability

The best open source email software is fast, free and easy to use. It should sync a user’s email settings across other devices. Also, it should have extra library features. These include add-ons and privacy enhancers. The add-ons can be video chat features, calendars and Research Site Summary feeds.


The best open source email software has a package of applications which is easy to install. The easiest installations are one-click installations. They are especially convenient for users with many email accounts. They save time if a user’s email accounts are by different providers. The apps include a calendar for organizing a user’s schedule. Also, it should have the ability for many connections. It should have access to the cloud. It should work with extra platforms on any device that is available. It should have costs or be free. Access to many platforms makes it easy to transfer and add mail.

The best open source mailing software should not be free. Users can develop it to the best level of quality and security possible. It also gives a user the freedom to work across various systems. Choose one that is easy to change and adapt to your needs.