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At Colour Creative Painting Service, we have got 20 years of experience in painting and renovation services. Our painting services utilizing authentic Nippon Paint can be found for a broad selection of customers, from HDBs, to condos, to personal estates. We have an exceptional group of over 10 painters to perform fast painting services at one of the lowest prices it is possible to find in Singapore. Though our rates are low and our services are fast, we do not falter on quality, and assure a fantastic, long-lasting finish every time. We use real Nippon Paint directly imported from our trusted providers to decorate your house in any way you need it.Since Our beginnings, we have turned our clients’ homes in their dream living area. We have worked with many customers since our founding. We think that colour has a gigantic effect on a place, whether it be relaxing a room, brightening up a dull room or developing a sophisticated, elegant finish.

condo painting

When it comes to colour, you can trust nippon painting services Colour Creative to find you the perfect fit. Creative Colour is the trusted partner which you can depend on to deliver exceptional services in Singapore.Over time, paint can chip and fade away. You might even realize that the colour you once loved is obsolete or does not suit the rest of your d├ęcor and furniture.We Are the staff you can count on to deliver excellent services with premium tools.

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It is Our mission to offer you that high quality coating in every of your rooms. Our paints include Nippon Paint, known as one of the most premium paint and colour companies anywhere in the world. Combining this high quality paint with our efficient solutions and dedicated staff ensures that you get the best results. Our support is available for many Singapore houses, such as HDB, condos and personal estates.

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