lifting and rigging equipment

What does one mean by the term lifting and rigging equipment? What are the various types of lifting and rigging equipment?

Rigging equipment means the devices and elements used to lift and maneuver objects safely as part of a planned system implemented by a team of riggers. This encompasses this variety of lifting and rigging equipment components used to secure and distribute the load in question, facilitate the moving process, and complete it successfully. Industries that seldom require the services of rigging equipment include construction, engineering, and event staging. Like all rigging operations, hoisting and lifting and rigging equipment should be performed with public and employee safety as a primary focus. To comply with health and safety legislation and industry standards, organizations.

Various types of lifting and rigging equipment are as follows:

  1. Wire rope strings are available in a range of lifting capacities, providing users with a flexible and robust solution for performing lifting operations.
  2. Chain slings provide a durable lifting solution, which comes with a convenient hook system for easy attachment. Not only will these slings come in a variety of weight limits, but they are also available in single, two-leg, and four-leg designs.
  3. Spreader beams can be said as a modular lifting solution designed to be used in various configurations, depending on the requirements of the lifting operation. These beams can be used with synthetic lifting slings and wire rope slings.
  4. Polyester webbing is available in a range of different designs and weight specifications.
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